Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to Make a Ginger Snap

As our time runs out in the semester we are having to think critically about how to get everything done in time for Integration. One of the things that we've been itching to do is to actually build the GOAT hull.

We were able to gain access to the Durham Tech machine shop so that our consulting machinist would be able to cut and punch the panels for GOAT.

The initial fabrication process took about 12 hours and the machining shop is not too invigorating if you're not allowed to touch anything. So we had to make our own fun while Spencer did all of the hard work.

OK actually it was still pretty cool.

Even though the hull is essentially just an aluminum box, it's a box we've spent a long time looking at in Solidworks, so it was gratifying to see it in real life after all this time. 


Look it works! It caught a jar of peanut butter!


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