Friday, February 10, 2017


Fig. 8: A cross-section of GOAT
A: Ozone Sensor array, B: NO2 Sensor array, C: SO2 Sensor array (mostly occluded), D: BME Sensor array, E: Ogawa Canisters, F: 40 mm Fans
G: Heatsinks (rudimentary copper strapping; mostly not shown) with attached Peltier thermoelectric heater/coolers
H: 2 Arduino Megas
I: AM2315 (Internal, mounted on clip)
J: AM2315 (in exterior facing alcove and housing)
K: EDAC and DB9 Connector slots
The black handle (not labeled) remains permanently affixed to the top hatch in the center of the top panel. The top hatch and handle are designed to be repeatedly attached and detached; the top panel is a permanent fixture.

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