Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The acronym I've chosen for our HASP experiment is the Greenhouse, Ozone and Atmospheric Trace gas (GOAT) project. 

I've chosen this acronym for two reasons.

1. To bother Jimmy who likes acronyms about as much as he enjoys intern videos.

2. As a nod to a friend we made while in Fort Sumner. A friend I regret not hanging out with for longer.

Food was pretty scarce on our trip because we made bad decisions at the grocery store in the middle of the night. However, we had one standout meal at the Iron Mill Coffee shop . This little gem is so cute! They sell antiques and hand made items as well as delicious food and the best coffee in Fort Sumner.

We arrived there one day, totally famished, and ate apples as we ordered our food. I noticed that the yard across the street had goats and we decided to feed our apple cores to the goats after we got our lunch. I had picked out a goat that I liked because he had very parallel horns. When we left with our sandwiches and coffee I ran across the street to feed the goats while Jimmy indulged my whim but stayed with the car and took this photo. 



That goat. The one with the parallel horns? Also known as my second favorite goat of all time?


~The End~

OK, it's not really the end but come on. That's the best story you've heard today. I haven't told that story to anyone who did not immediately have follow up questions and you know what? I can't answer those questions but I had but a brief moment in time with this splendid beast and Jimmy did not let me go back. 

So. We HAVE to go back to visit this goat. 

This goat is tUR's spirit animal/mascot. Let's examine the evidence:
1. Goat. Goat's are the coolest.
2. PVC pipe
3. Duct tape

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