Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Quick Update

Internet access is sketchy at best so I am making fewer updates than I promised but I will give you a full report when I return.

I take back at least 30% of the bad things I ever sad about New Mexico. The weather and scenery here are phenomenal and we've taken a ton of photos. From the road hares, to the moonrise, to the delicate clouds and a full rainbow on test day...it's been a photographers dream.

We are doing absolutely zero in the way of tourism which is fine by me.

Everything has been really fascinating. I think the biggest shock for me is how vast and technical the science balloon field is! It's been incredible to see the things that we do as a hobbyist inflated (ha) to this magnitude. The similarities and differences are really interesting to me and it's been a unique experience to shadow all of these scientists and engineers as they do their work.

Check hangar cam for us 10 til and 10 after  4pm (EST) as we go through to the weather briefing. If that goes well then we might be cleared for the big show of a real launch with fill starting at 8am (EST) on Wednesday.

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