Thursday, April 7, 2016

Flightmas Eve

We leave tomorrow.

We're getting ready to put the rubber to the road; the latex to the sky; the boots to the ground.

This is the capstone of seven months of development. It may sound a touch melodramatic -- we're just flying a balloon up into the air and scraping it off the pavement, right? -- but our team has put in hundreds and hundreds of man-hours on top of all their other Regular Life stuff. We just battened down the last gear bin. I'm packing underwear and machete and road maps. We're watching the wind and weather like hawks (hawks with sophisticated Doppler radar, orbital satellite imagery, and decades of heuristic meteorological data).

We leave tomorrow. I'll post more interesting Science-y stuff here soon but had to give these feelings vent.

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  1. Been following you as much as I can from this distance, and know the balloon should not be heading this way, but just in case, I'll be watching the skies over Washington DC. Congratulations and lots of back claps to you and the whole team. Go UR HAB!

    Jaynee Acevedo