Thursday, March 17, 2016

Aggressive Testing

Now we have our Big Red Bee up and running and I am watching Jimmy drive home on  Testing for that system and the "pinger" are going well.

With the LRR under our belts we have a lot of work to do so the meetings have gone from planning to building. Equipment is coming in from Amazon Prime every day so we've added a new storage system....The Unacceptable Risks Telemetry, Radios, Electronics and Supplies (TURTLES) to go with The Unacceptable Risks Device Storage (TURDS.)

We also have a new itty bitty SD card box. But no one ever has a mini USB cable.

The Polimaster is in!!

Dan has a new batch of hulls for us to destroy during drop testing this week. I can't wait!

This may be "supper" heavy duty but we are not sending it to space. 

The Canon is nestled all snug in its bed. 

Since our drops got cancelled at American Tobacco because of the weather, we were worried we'd also miss our dinner plans....but opted to eat at the Mellow Mushroom in Chapel Hill anyway!

Since we were testing during the week a lot of gear was changing hands and it was difficult to keep track of the team. 

Software benchmark and cryo testing is going well. We find a problem and then Erick fixes it. We find a problem and then David fixes it. We find a problem and then Erick and David fix it together. Sometimes it can be frustrating troubleshooting all of these things and it can feel like no progress is being made...but at the end of the day you can step back and see how every little wiring snafu or bug that gets fixed is actually making the project stronger and safer. In order to know that it works we have to do our best to try to break it. (So we shouldn't be too sad when we sucessfully break it.)

Tomorrow we are going to the American Tobacco Campus to drop these thing off of much taller buildings. This time we'll be dropping the Arduino instead of eggs!

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